Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Glamour of hacking is promoting terrorism

The world has seen hackers in many forms since the start of the electronics industry, something as simple as reverse engineering can be seen as hacking but the current hacking that goes on against companies or organisations, even personal computers for a moral crusade is nothing short of terrorism. 

Many large scale companies in pretty much all industries have seen a hack of some sort with the hacker(s) seeing themselves as crusaders, fine it keeps people like me in demand, yet the damage they do along the way to stand up and count as some-kind of victory effects everyone. While I don't really want to talk about the Sony hacks of late, the ones of past from the cretins at Anonymous which crippled the PSN for several weeks was a hack that really stuck in my throat.  

Now exposing some email addresses and maybe part of a credit card number might be their way of getting their point across over whatever issue has "wronged" them so much, it gives them no right, zero, to speak "for the people" they are so keen to protect. Seems a little narrow-minded that somehow releasing personal information helps anyone to make a point, as the point gets lost in the hassle it causes just about everyone who has to put it right. Does anyone think, oh great I'm glad those hackers did this. No, nobody ever.

Sony's 14 days

If we do go back to the hacks of the last few weeks, its clear that many businesses wouldn't have survived against this level of attack, in fact the Senate committee was hearing that the attack was so “persistent” and “organized” that it could have penetrated 90% of public listed companies - that's nothing to be joking about. The merits of the hack isn't in question but the attempt to bring down a company with exposing personal data of the corporate kind maybe says more about our need to know "gossip" than it does about the actual data released.  One exec said this to one exec blah blah, please, this goes on inside every company I'm sure. Whats disturbing is that this could be any terror organisation which could do this, imagine secrets getting into the hands of organisations that carries threats to your country or origin or wherever you call home.


Its for this reason that we all should think very carefully about glamorizing or applauding hacker groups such as Anonymous or GOP because we don't really know who they are or what they are capable of. Those reporting on the crimes against Sony or any other organisation just throw fuel on the subject which needs to be addressed in another way.

Until we all recognize hacking as another form of terrorism then its going to be glamorized by those obsessed with making a story, that needs to stop. 

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

PS4 Destiny only $29

Yes that's right, have done it again this holiday season and reduced a reasonably new title to under $30

This time Destiny gets the short time limited discount and there is a few left. So fancy a shooter that's been over hyped but still good fun ? Now is a time to lump on and give it a whiz !

Personally I haven't played it, but those who have in the good old YRA Clan love it.

Bargain Bucket Destiny

Top 3 Games for the family to play this holiday season

Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham (All Formats)

Lego Batman 3 is a two player action adventure lego game set in the DC universe, but sends players to outer space. This game is perfect for a wide variety of reasons, for one, it boast over 150 characters! if you and your children are into comic book heroes then that will definitely excite you. Whether your playing good or evil, it feels good to know that you have all those options at your disposal. 

The game is also all built out of Lego, which makes the characters quirky but adorable in a funny way, and gives us puzzles which aren't that challenging, but can still make you and your child feel a sense of accomplishment when completed. Lego batman might only have room for two people to play, but it will definitely get the job done, and keep that smile on your and your childrens face.

Little Big Planet 3 (PS4)

LBP3 is a Playstation title that many are familiar with, and even if you haven't played the game you would be familiar with it's mascot Sackboy. LBP3 is a 4 player co-op game, that challenges you and the family to some great puzzle platforming. Each of the 4 characters have their own unique special abilities that all contribute to the completion of any given level, whether your using, "Toggle" to hit a heavy switch with his massive size or, "Swoop" who's ability gives players the chance to fly around the board reaching otherwise inaccesible areas. 

This game will definitely encourage you and the family to work together, and if you like customization, your free to design all the characters however you like. If customizing your characters isn't enough, then feel free to work together creating any number of levels of your own. LPB 3 is a game that will last far beyond the holiday season with thousands of levels at your disposal, so buy it, because a family that games together......

Super Smash Bros (Wii U)

 I still remember unwrapping a copy of Super Smash Bros for Christmas many years ago for the N64, and I regarded it as the best gift ever!! Now you have the chance to instill that feeling into your kid's or whomever will be with you throughout the holidays. 

Smash Bros will forever be the game that you can sit down on the couch, and friends will become enemies and family members can become arch rivals. This game is packed with numerous Nintendo characters from Pickachoo and the Wii Fit trainer to the always recognizable Donkey Kong and Mario. Everyone in the room, which can be up to 8 players, will be pit against one another, on any grand stage to see who amongst you can hold the crown. This game will certainly leave the room filled with joy and sometimes anger (after repetitive losses), but will get the job done when it comes to keeping the family occupied and together.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Android Desktop OS

Many of you have possibly thought of this at some point in your life. You may sit and question why does Microsoft have an OS on mobile and desktops, or why does Apple have the same thing along with Ubuntu, but, yet, Android is only mobile. That is a deep question.

We can only sometimes imagine what Android would look like on a desktop, it piques our interest quite a lot. Android gets a mobile version but not a parent version.

Well, that has changed. Some of you know about this already, but for those who do not know; Android for the desktop was started in 2013 by myself, but as I began to learn more and about design, Android began to change for the better. I found a few very talented guys and we began to put work into making this a reality.

For one year the programming was planned and now it is ready to be put into action. We are talking about 64 bit, graphic powered, audio powered, optimized beautiful Intel architecture Android. This isn't some "once again" attempted port, like the many others out there which are giving Android on the desktop a bad name. This is the real deal with many amazing features coming along with it.

We want you to be a part of this. This is going to be huge and change a lot of things in the market. This is not a phony, a fake, a hobby, this is life and this is going to be what makes you wipe your OS off of your system and install Android. You can't even begin to imagine what is coming. Your view on Android will change. This is power, this is how Android should be, this is beyond anyone's imagination. It is coming and we want you to be there.

Please make sure to join the community on G+ to stay updated with everything related to Android on the desktop.