Thursday, 18 September 2014

Sony Z3 Compact just £349 in the UK + bundle from Clove

Clove the UK online retailer are offering Sony's new Z3 Compact on pre-order for just £349 inc VAT, and if that's not enough, Clove will throw in an additional Roxfit case into the deal for free.

While that not sound like much, considering the handset price has been slashed by £80 already its quite sweet. 

This deal will only go active once they reach 600 pre-orders, Clove say they have already reached 500 pre-orders so not far to go.

If you are thinking about ordering from the US, then you don't pay VAT, which reduces the price to around $500-ish, saving about $400 on the iPhone 6 which just doesn't compete with the Sony. The handset will work on T Mobile LTE and AT&T.

Check out the spec list here and LTE bands for the D5803 model at 

We loved the Z1 Compact and cant wait for the Z3 Compact to arrive here (thank you Sony) for us to review. loved the Z3 Compact and Im sure you (We) will too.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Hidden Gems of Google Play #2 Depthcharge

Remember the classic game Depth Charge ? Well its origins are pretty old, going back some 30 years are so. To get you up to speed, its a game of cat and mouse between you (a Battleship) and a load of U-Boats / Subs - trying your best to avoid / destroy them using a Depth Charge or from the subs, torpedoes. 

This game has a long history, going back to the Intelivision and Apple II systems in the 70s, then later onto the mighty Commodore 64 and then Amiga - which this free port comes from. 

Game mechanics are pretty simple and easy to use, left - right - fire and that's about Depthcharge has no special permissions to run either and best of all its free from the Play Store here.

Grab it.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

John Legere trolling Sprint - T Mobile uncarrier'd

This afternoon it appears Sprints merger with T-Mobile is dead in the water and I cant say I'm shocked or unhappy about it. 

It would seem someone else is delighted too, magenta's own John Legere has been busy on twitter trolling Sprint with their failed bid, with a series of tweets. 

T-Mobile have been adding customers with their "uncarrier" policy and looks like they themselves have been freed from a carrier which could have been very disruptive to the very customers that liked T-Mobile for its policies in the first place. 

Sprint would have also caused some handset issues going forward being a CDMA carrier over the GSM standard T-Mobile use. No idea how that would have worked out technically but only one loser in that battle !

Anyway the battle is over and the war is won, +T-Mobile get to live another day making waves in the US market which is smothered with +Verizon Wireless and their restrictive handsets and network.

If you are on twitter, then follow John on "@JohnLegre" well worth a follow.

Friday, 1 August 2014

XBMC is dead, long live KODI

In a move to gain more control over the direction of XBMC, the development team has decided to relabel XBMC as KODI.

On a post made this afternoon on their homepage the announcement reads as follows.

"We are excited to announce that the media center software we’ve all loved for so many years will have a new name, starting with version 14. Instead of XBMC 14, we’d like to introduce you to Kodi 14.

Since 2002, the software known as XBMC has gone through three namings. First, it was called Xbox Media Player. Upon realizing that it did a bit more than your traditional media player, in 2004 the development team elected to rename it Xbox Media Center. A mere 4 years later in 2008, the team once again elected to rename the software to simply XBMC, given that it had moved on from its original roots on the Xbox. Support for the Xbox was dropped shortly thereafter. Today it’s all happening one last time."

To read the full script visit