Saturday, 28 December 2013

An app to tell if someone is fibbing, really ?

Memotion app is currently still in BETA, however the new update really has made it very accurate in guessing someones emotion just by their speech pattern. There is a Memo feature included which is a bit like "utter!" I guess.

It has a ‘quick analyse’ feature (voice recorder), so you can analyse anyone speaking at the press of a button and discover the true emotions behind what they were saying. Interesting to use it during speeches etc, or if the other half cant make it home because "they are working late" or find out about post NYE activities from a friend for a bit of fun.

As for guessing if someone its telling big fat fibs or little white lies, that's purely down to your interpretation of the information that's presented.

Interested ? Download a copy here from the Google Play Store.