Friday, 10 January 2014

Unlock US/UK content on your PlayStation 3 or 4

We all like to watch TV and Movies, however using US services like HBO, FOX, Netflix or Amazon Prime can be problematic for the Brits, just as watching BBC iPlayer and Sky Go can for the Americans - even when you travel too. Dam those regional restrictions. 

Want to work round that ?

Great, although VPN isnt supported on most game consoles tablets there is another way, using SmartStream from StreamVia. 

SmartStream is StreamVia's latest and greatest invention for maximum streaming performance, say goodbye to buffering and watch in HD quality easily.

Due to the way SmartStream works you will not notice any slow-down of your internet connection, only the UK & USA sites that SmartStream supports are unlocked and all other local sites continue to work as normal. There is no software to install just a simple configuration change and then sign in to authorise your connection!
SmartStream also works on devices that would otherwise be complicated to connect to a traditional VPN service - such as games consoles, Internet TVs, media streamers etc - but it can also improve the streaming performance of regular devices, such as computers, phones, tablets etc, when compared to using a VPN.
So how do you get this good stuff, easy, click the StreamVia link on the right of the page and sign up for UK / US VPN, you will get SmartStream included in your package, unlike other vendors who just give you DNS.
Once done enable your connection for the service by changing your DNS settings in the internet connection part of the PS3/PS4 - make sure you choose custom set up, and change the DNS settings to the supplied servers. Full guides to setting up Streamvia on your device can be found here
To save time you can even change your router DNS table if you want everything on your LAN working with SmartStream. 
We recommend changing the router because you don't have to change every device, its just a one off change, to one device. Check your router manual for how you do that, normally you have to log onto the default gateway which is something like http://192.168.x.x.
Open the below website on your SmartStream configured device to ensure that a) it has been configured correctly and b) is compatible with your router or Internet connection, you don't have to do this directly on the Playstation if you have done the DNS change on the router. Any device will do.
If the above test passes you likely need to sign into SmartStream with your VPN username/password to update your IP address in our system, each time your broadband IP address changes you need to complete the below.
Sign on using the StreamVia credentials you made during setup, then you are done.

Enjoy international content on your Wii U, Playstation, PC, whatever.